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    Bruce's Journal

    Add Some Bebop to Your Life Salad

    We’re all Bird and Diz and Miles and Monk.

    We’re all drummers, painters, saxophone blowers, guitar strummers, poets and gardeners of our own unique, brilliant souls...

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    The Graffiti in Your Soul

    We all need to get out what’s inside of us. So find your own beautiful outlet to get the graffiti in your soul out.

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    Horizontal in a Fully Loaded Bed

    We only have so much time here on earth and I don’t want to remember too much of it being horizontal in a fully loaded bed. So how do we enjoy a good night's sleep and still crush our days?

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    21,000 Badass Days

    Add up the days you've been alive and rate them on the badass machine. How many were spent in peace, joy, fun and laughter? How many were off the chains and filled with reckless abandon?

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