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    Treble and Clef owners/founders, Myrna and Bruce Palma


    It all started back in 1989 when Treble and Clef owners and founders Myrna and Bruce Palma met in a local music store, McCabe's Music in Santa Monica, California.

    Myrna was working behind the counter when Bruce came in to buy a capo* for his guitar. Bruce was an aspiring rock star and Myrna was a vocalist and songwriter.

    Their eyes met (really) and the rest is their history.

    Treble and Clef founders/owners, Myrna and Bruce Palma

    Myrna and Bruce fell in love, started a band, performed for many years together, married and raised a family. All through the years, music, art and creativity were a constant presence in their lives.

    Treble and Clef owners/founders, Myrna and Bruce Palma

    Performing at the Breakaway, Los Angeles, 1989

    Fast forward to 2018 when Bruce experienced a major mid-life change, losing his job of over 33 years working in the same company.

    The time was ripe to pursue dreams, passions and inspirations.

    Their love of music, visual arts, design and fashion fused into Treble and Clef and a new company was born.

    We’re happy you’re here!

    We created Treble and Clef to share our love of music, art and creativity.

    We met and fell in love through music; and we love inspiring others to explore the amazing amount of great music of all genres available to enjoy.

    We believe all lives should be filled with the beauty of music, art, creativity and inspiration.

    And a ton of FUN!

    We are constantly creating new designs, products, stirring up fun and staying inspired…so keep in touch, follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter!

    Thanks for stopping by,


    Myrna and Bruce


    * A clamp fastened across all the strings of a fretted musical instrument to raise their tuning by a chosen amount.