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    writer. comedian. fool. 

    Bruce Palma wears many hats on his very bald head. He is a writer, comedian, motivational fool and Board Certified Professional Smartass™.

    He is the author of Eat Breathe Worry: The Smartass Guide to Life. Available now on Amazon. 

    He writes a (mostly) daily blog, Man with Teeth. And he’s currently working on unleashing a podcast to the hungry masses sometime in early 2023.

    He grew up in New York City in the 1970’s and currently resides in the state of Nowhere.

    Bruce also posts a lot of videos and content on social media.


    Check him out and please tell 22,000 friends.

    Here is his official “auto” biography:  

    Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be something when I grew up. A coroner. A truck driver. James Brown. Paul McCartney. An architect. A psychologist.

    I thought if I could be something when I was older, my life would be worthwhile. Why grow up and be nobody? That’s no fun.

    You have to do something with your life, right?

    As I grew up and lost my hair, I realized I was always a smartass at heart. I relished in making people laugh and being as sarcastic as possible.

    After biting off most of my nails as a nervous little hyperactive punk, I decided to learn how to channel all this energy into something worthwhile, something to help humanity.

    I decided to become a fire hydrant, and spread the water of love all across the world…


    Bruce Palma bio pic. 1976

      BP circa 1976 with beautiful hair and a random, unidentified fish.